Music: Frederic Chopin - Prelude No.15 in D flat major "Raindrop"

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  • Prelude No.15 in D flat major (1838) "Raindrop"
    • Instumentation
      • Solo Piano
    • Structure
      • Ternary Form: A- Bars 1-27, B- 28-75, A-  Bars 75-81, Coda- Bars 81-89
    • Tonality
      • A sections in D flat major
      • B sections in C sharp minor
      • Other keys occasionally suggested (A flat minor bar 12/ E major bar 40)
    • Harmony
      • Almost constant presence of dominant pedal ( A flat/ G sharp) sometimes as an inverted inner pedal
    • Melody
      • A section uses lyrical melody with falling arpeggio at beginning (raindrops falling?)
      • Use of acciaccaturasand turns.
      • B section uses more sinister melody mostly in lower register
    • Accompaniment
      • Repeated quaver motif running througout (raindrops constantly tapping)
      • Texture entirely homophonic (melody and accompaniment)
    • Dynamics
      • Wide range of dynamics used
      • Specific instructions for pedalling
      • Use of accents
    • Tempo
      • Flexibility of temp (rubato)
      • Only temp change is at the end


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