Prejudice and Intolerance

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  • Prejudice and Intolerance
      • USA feared that recent immigrants from Eastern Europe and Russia were bringing ideas of communism with them
      • 1919 bombs destroyed homes
      • Strikes
        • Seattle 1919 - general strike, led by Industrial Workers of the World (Wobblies)
        • Coal miners, steel workers, police force of Boston - strike workers sacked, locked out, starved, violence if went on strike
        • Result of terrible working conditions and low pay
        • Seen as Communist interference
      • Palmer raids
        • Communists arrested, Mitchell Palmer killed
      • People used this as excuse to attack groups not liked - Jews, Catholics, blacks, new immigrants
      • 1921 Immigration Quota Act
        • New immigrants allowed in in proportion to number of people of same nationality who had been in America
        • 3%
      • 1924 National Origins Act
        • Quota reduced to 2%
        • Had been more northern Europe (English, Irish) in America, so more of these groups allowed to enter
      • 1929
        • Only 150000 immigrants per year allowed in. No Asians
      • Anarchists, hated capatalism and American system of gov
      • Trial began 1921, lasted 45 days
      • Convicted of murder and robbery
      • Protests of people who argued it was miscarriage of justice and judge was prejudiced
      • Executed in 1927
      • Evidence for prosecution - 61 eyewitnesses
      • Evidence for defence - other men confessed to murder, not a crime to carry
      • Jim Crows' Laws - collective name for laws that discriminated against African Americans
        • More common in southern states
      • Made difficult for AA to vote - law had to show grandfather voted but most were slaves
      • Forced white and AA to use separate facilities - segregation
  • Seen as Communist interference


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