RS: Prejudice and Equality

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  • Prejudice and Equality
    • Racism
      • The belief that some ethnic groups are worth less than other.
      • Apartheid in South Africa
        • Trevor Huddleston devoted his life to ending apartheid
      • Civil Rights in the USA
        • MLK used passive resistance to bring about social, political and economic change
      • Slavery
        • Quakers defied British Empire
    • Sexism
      • Women vote in 1918 under conditions.
      • Churches
        • U.R.C and S.A.  accept women equally
        • Baptists and C.o.E (1980s) allow women vicars and priest but no bishops
        • R.C.C. and E.O.C. do not allow women leaders
          • Inappropriate for women to take role of the Eucharist (com.)- representing J.C.
    • The Bible
      • Equality
        • "Love him as yourself, for you were aliens in Egypt."
        • "Don't take advantage of the hired man who is poor and needy" - treat immigrants equally
        • The Good Samaritan - agape
        • Love God and your neighbour = most important
        • NT letters tto church = no longer acceptable to resent others + no favouritism in church
        • "There is neither Jew nor Greek... you are all one in J.C."
        • ‘God does not show favouritism’
        • "The greatest of these is love"
      • Sexism
        • 10 C. Women listed along with objects.
        • NT Letters - women submission, not to be heard in church
        • Deborah - admired prophet in Israel
        • Martha and Mary house visit, Widow's Offering, V. Mary, Resurrection
    • The Equality and Human Rights Commision - UK + ECHR


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