Prejudice & discrimination

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  • Prejudice and discrimination
    • discrimination
      • Acting on prejudiced beliefs, treating a person or group of people differently.
      • Positive discrimination
        • Individual or group is treated differently with the intention to improve their situation
        • Teacher  that spends more time teaching boys in a subject in which boys have historically struggled to achieve compared to girls
      • Direct discrimination
        • Deliberate and obvious, deliberately abusing someone or treating them unfairly
        • Mocking someone because they have a disability
      • Negative discrimination
        • Treating someone unfairly and the outcome is likely to cause harm or restrict an individual/group in some way
        • Manager that responds negatively towards a particular employee because  of a prejudiced belief
      • Indirect discrimination
        • May not be deliberate but may lead to a person or group being treated differently.
        • Neglecting to install disabled access in a school so that disabled students cannot attend certain classes
    • Prejudice
      • Beliefs that one group or aspect of identity is better or worse than another
      • Forms of prejudice
        • Homophobia
        • Racism
        • Islamophobia
        • Sexism
    • Forms that discrimination may take
      • Antilocution
      • Bullying
      • Physical abuse
      • Genocide


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