Prehistoric Medicine

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  • Prehistoric Medicine Summary
    • Who treated the sick?
      • The tribes dedicated medicine man
        • Had special charms and was dressed in feathers
    • Heavily believed in supernatural illness'
      • Had special charms and was dressed in feathers
    • How were the sick treated?
      • Medical Operations were very rare however there were some
        • Trephining - let the evil spirits out by drilling hole in the head
      • Chants and charms by the medicine man
    • How healthy were people?
      • Not very as there we no medical cures for little things
        • Had to endure extreme, painful remedies
      • Had very good diets as they ate lots of meat and vegetables
        • No sugary or fatty foods
      • Had very good teeth
      • Not very hygienic
    • Diagnosis for Australian Aborigines or Prehistoric People
      • It it obvious?
        • Yes, common sense
          • A cut... Cover with clay and bind with bark
          • Broken Arm... Encase in clay and dry in the sun
        • No, supernatural
          • Chants and charms from medicine man to scare away evil spirits


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