Prehistoric Medicine

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  • Prehistoric
    • Prehistoric lives
      • Nomads
      • Hunter-Gatherers
      • Lived in small groups
      • Very simple technology
        • Spears, bows and arrows
        • Made from wood, bone and stone
      • No writing
    • Evidence
      • Remains of people
        • Broken bones, damaged joints, bone cancer & poor nutrition
      • Remains of things they made
    • Surgery
      • Trephining
        • Cutting a hole in someone's skull
        • Some skulls have growth around the hole which shows the person lived
    • Supernatural Causes and treatments
      • Everything that didn't have an obvious cause was said to be caused by spirits
      • Spirit had left the body
        • The treatment was to find the 'pointing bone' which had took the spirit
      • An evil spirit had entered the body
        • A medicine man would drive the spirit out
      • Charms and spells to help healing
      • Trephining
        • Used to drive out evil spirits
    • Natural Treatments
      • Clay casts for broken bones
      • Herbs
        • Knew over 100 herbs with healing properties


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