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  • Predestination
    • Definition: (also known as theological determinism.) God already knew before all time who would go to heaven and hell. There is no choice.
    • Many of the world religions have specific beliefs about how all things are determined by a God or through the actions and event that surround us.
      • This is also within Christianity (Protestantism)
        • Originated from the teachings of St Paul.
          • "For those God foreknew, he also predestined to conform to the likeness of his son."
    • If God decided at creation who would and would not gain salvation, then this means that no one has free will in their ethical or religious actions.
    • It could be possible to suggest that people only do good things because that is what God determined them to do.




This is good for last minute revision, but it's too brief for long-term revision. There are a couple of good basic points there though.

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