Preconceptual care

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  • Pre- Conceptual Health and Care
    • Factors to consider
      • Maturity: Couples need to be able to make good decisions for their child
      • Financial Support:In order to maintain an adequate standard of living finances need to be planned in advance
      • Accommodation: A child needs to be provided with a clean,safe, warm and secure home
      • Changing Lifestyles: Couple need to consider roles of each of them and be aware of more lifestyles.e.g less money available, career break, loss of freedom
    • Choosing to have a baby
      • Advantages of planning a baby:
        • Ready to accept the responsibilities of parenthood.
        • Able to space out of the arrival of each child
        • In a stable, mature relationship
    • Main factors in pre conceptual care
      • Good Diet
      • Not to be overweight
      • Be as healthy as possible
      • Giving up alcohol and smoking
      • Have genetic counselling and if any severity there is option of termination
        • Inherited diseases are some like e,g cystic fibrosis, haemophilia- blood fails to clot sickle cell anaemia- disorder affecting blood cells, muscular dystrophy- weakened bones
      • Folic Acid must be taken and helps prevent spina bofida


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