Prayers and believing in God

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  • Prayers and Believing in God
    • Unanswered Prayers
      • God is supposed to care for the people who worship him, but if people pray and pray and then God never answers the person may be lead to not believe in God
      • Religious people are supposed to pray and some people feel the presence of God when they pray
    • Christian responses to unanswered prayers
      • If you pray for selfish things e.g. to pass an exam you have not revised for it would not be right of God to let you pass it
      • If you pray for a sick person to get better and they die - God would like them in Heaven
      • Your parents don't always give you what you want - likewise God does not always gibe you what you want
      • God loves us and wants the best for us - what we pray for may not be what God wants for us
      • Christians pray that God's will be done - what you pray for may not be for the best


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