Praise Dong For My Mother

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  • Praise Song For my Mother
    • Personal response
      • What do you think the image of sunrise suggests about how the narrator sees her mother? Her mother is a necessity without her she wouldn't be alive
      • What can you learn about the mothers feelings for her daughter? The mother was a great mum who cared and loved her daughter greatly
      • Why do you think the poet makes food so important in the poem? Without food we would die so food may be a metaphor for the mum, and it shows how she was brought up
    • Feelings and attitudes
      • GRATITUDE- expresses her thanks for her mothers love and support
      • JOY- the memories she has of her mother are warm and joyful ones
      • PRAISE- this song gives her the chance to tell everyone how she feels about her mother
    • Comparison
      • Quickdraw/ Sonnet 116/ Sister Maude/ The farmers Bride/ Nettles/ Ghazal/ Born Yesterday
    • About
      • Brings up different aspects of a mother- daughter relationship, showing how the mother was like a complete world to her child. The mother is likened to water, the moon (night), sunrise (day) and food- a mixture of the necessities of life along with the night and days in which its lived.


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