Poetry Across Time - Relationships - Praise Song for My Mother

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  • Praise Song for My Mother
    • Title - Praise Song for My Mother
      • Suggests attitude to Mother
      • Ambiguous
    • Enjambment between lines and verses
    • 'deep and bold and fathoming'
      • Thinking things through
      • Emotional and intellectual
    • 'moon's eye to me'
      • Gravity towards her
    • 'sunrise', 'rise and warm and streaming'
      • Comforting love
    • 4th stanza
      • Imagery 'hug' protection
      • Cultural references implies a traditional close Mother. Food and childhood
    • 'replenishing replenishing'
      • Repetition and alliteration. Reflective
      • Fill up
    • 5th stanza
      • Past tense
      • Embrace adulthood - she had to let her go
    • Thinking of not only her Mother but also of where she grew up
    • Metaphors - references to nature compare her Mother perhaps to Mother Nature
    • Written by Grace Nichols
      • Wrote about her Mother in Ghana


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