Poetry- Praise Songs for My Mother

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  • Praise Song for my Mother
    • Structure
      • There is no punctuation at the end
        • this suggests how their love is ongoing and the fact that their story will continue past this poem
      • 14 lines- sonnet
        • This shows the love between a mother and daughter and how that bond can never be broken.
      • Refrain
        • "you" this suggests the importance of her mother, and shows how she was always there.
        • Could also suggest that she was the only person there because its only "you"
    • Past Tense
      • Shows how important her mother has been the whole way through her life
      • "Go to your wide futures, you said" the past is a contrast to the future showing that her mother has been and will be there throughout every phase of her life
    • Natural Imagery
      • Shows how her mother was essential for her survival in life "water to me"
      • Personification, emphasizes the personal nature of their love and bond.
    • "Fathoming"
      • to solve or understand a difficlut problem, shows she finally understands and appreciates everything her mother has done for her


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