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    • Understanding things in context
    • Study of linguistic deeds
    • Study of language in action
    • How people get their meaning across within different social contexts
    • Meanings may very depending on context
      • Calving something would be different at Halloween than any other time
      • Where and why is it happening?
    • Setting
      • Where and when?
    • Purpose
      • Why?
    • Audience
      • Who is speaking?
      • Who is listening?
      • What is the relationship between them?
    • Topic
      • What is being discussed?
    • Semantics
      • Connotations
      • Apply to context
    • Paralinguistic features
      • Facial expressions, body language
      • How they influence meaning
    • Prosodic features
      • Tone of voice, pitch etc.
      • How they affect meaning
    • Politeness strategies
      • Formal or informal address?


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