Practice Methods

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  • Practice Methods
    • Varied Practice
      • The skill is practised in many different environments.
    • Massed Practice
      • Continuous practice without breaks or rest.
    • Whole-Part-Whole
      • The skill is first practiced as a whole skill before being broken down into individual subroutines and then practiced as a whole skill again
        • This is the preferred method for skills that are low in organisation and skills that are serial.
    • Whole
      • The skill is practised as a whole skill and not broken into subroutines.
        • Whole practice is the preferred technique for skills high in organisation and low in complexity.
    • Part
      • Involves breaking the skill down into its natural subroutines and practising these subroutines separately until they are learned.
        • Part practice is the preferred technique for skills low in organisation and high in complexity.
    • Distributed Practice
      • The practice contains rests and breaks.
    • Fixed Practice
      • A specific movement pattern is practised repeatedly in the same environment.
    • Progressive Part
      • Each component is learnt on its own before being practised together with the previous components.
        • This can be used when skills are complex but they contain separate components which can be learnt on their own. It also allows a kinaesthetic feel to be developed by progressively building up the skill.


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