sociology research methods practical factor influencing choice of topic

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  • practical factors influencing the choice of research topic and method
    • Funding
      • research sponsored by government, businesses, voluntary organisations etc. reflects the concerns of these funding bodies. is is often easier to get funding for quantitative research
      • the finance available affects the number of researchers, respondents and amount of research time
      • some methods are cheaper than others e.g. postal questionnairesare cheap because researchers don't have to spend long periods pf time talking to respondents/ observing behaviour
    • Time
      • some methods usually take more time e.g. participant observations and unstructured interviews take more time than social surveys
    • the influence of ethics on the research process
      • e.g. covert participant observation is considered unethical by some as informed consent isn't gained
        • may be unethical to carry out research on vulnerable groups e.g children.
    • research opportunity
      • if a research opportunity suddenly appears,the researcher may not  have time to prepare e.g.  lengthy questionnaires or interview schedules.
    • the research population
      • some groups are less open e.g. criminals, so structured research methods are not appropriate


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