powerpoint 1 water and the carbon cycle

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    • water cycle
      • closed system
        • water is not lost or gained from space
          • components/stalls such as trees built up areas and soil
            • flows/transfers include through flow and groundwater flow
    • 'spaceship' earth
      • expresses the concern over the use of limited resources available on earth and encouraging everyone on it to act as a harmonious crew working towards the greater good
    • common characteristics of a system
      • structure that lies within a boundary
        • generalisation of reality removing the incidental details that obscures fundamental relationship
          • functions by having inputs ad outputs of material
    • stores/components
    • flows/transfers
    • elements
    • attributes
    • relationships
    • system
      • interrelated parts that work together by some driving process
        • helps us to  understand the physical and human world around us
    • 4 major subsystems
      • atmosphere
        • lithosphere
          • hydrosphere
            • biosphere
              • CASCADING SYSTEM
    • Dynamic equilibrium
      • balance between inputs and outputs
        • can be upset when one of the elements in the system changes
          • FEEDBACK
            • natural and human change can often upset the dynamic equilibrium of the water cycle
    • models
      • earth is complex --> simplify so relationship between components could be understood
        • DTM and the water cycle
    • dynamic equilibrium
      • closed system, open system, isolated system
      • inputs and outputs


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