Power; Politics Unit 3:D

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  • Power
    • Power is one state having control over another, through military, cultural, resources, economy, geography, history and political status
    • Hard Power
      • The use of military or economic power/force in order to exert influence over other political bodies
      • This is using military and economic means to influence the behaviour or interests of other political bodies
      • examples
        • counties who are in need of help are victims of hard power. An example of this would be NATO, as they take military action.
        • Economic sanctions are clearly intended to coerce and are thus a form of hard power. Iran is an example of this as they were found developing nuclear weapons.
    • Soft Power
      • exercising influence without the use of military force, but through idealogies or cultural means.
      • Soft power comes from diplomacy,culture and history.
      • Examples
        • This form of power can be weilded by all actors in international politics such as NGO's or international institutions
        • this can be linked to cultural and political globalization. countries also use attraction behaviour such as "Americanisation"
    • Super Power
      • A state which has considerable influence over international affairs/global politics and has considerable global reach militarily due to possessing nuclear weapons and have a large number of military bases around the world.
    • Great Power
      • Has significant influence over foreign affairs and global decision making and has military and economic strength


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The five Powerpoints by Laura labelled 3D, of which this is one, will be very useful when used in conjunction with one another, as a starting-point for students preparing to discuss the major issues of international politics. Each of them makes brief reference to some of the areas from which case studies or examples may be gathered in order to engage in meaningful discussion and address assessment objective 2, (evaluation and analysis).

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