Power in The Duchess of Malfi

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  • Power
    • I am to bespeak a husband for you
      • Ferdinand has power over who the Duchess may or may not love.
    • You had got...a false key Into her badchamber?
      • No one will questions this odd choice of action from Ferdinand, due to his gender and authority.
    • I can do both like a prince
      • The Duchess compares herself to a male figure who has even more authority than her.
    • Do not speak
      • Imperative tone from Ferdinand.
    • Why might not I marry?
      • The Duchess provokes her brother, knowing he feels threatened by her rise in authority.
    • Will your grace hear me?
      • Even though this is an act put on by Antonio, the audience sees the true power that the Duchess hold when not stopped by her brothers.
    • The good one that you speak of is my husband
      • The Duchess appears naive here and is fooled by Bosola's manipulation


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