Temptation and Manipulation

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  • Temptation and Manipulation
    • witches
      • manipulate through apparitions
        • increase Macbeth's paranoia about Banquo's descendants and Macduff
          • repetition of "beware"
          • line of eight kings
          • orders death of Macduff's family
        • tell half-truths to make Macbeth over-confident and careless
          • happy to be told what he wants to hear
            • "sweet bodements" MACBETH
          • thinks he's invincible
            • "till Birnam wood move to Dunsinane, / I cannot taint with fear. what's the boy Malcolm? / was he not born of woman?" MACBETH
              • mocking rhetorical questions
      • tempt Macbeth with greatness
        • "hail to thee, Thane of Glamis! / hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor! / thou shalt be king herafter!" THE WITCHES
          • pattern of three
        • "rapt" BANQUO
          • lost in ambitious thoughts
    • Lady Macbeth
      • manipulates Macbeth to murder the king
        • makes it sound easy
          • "what cannot you and I perform upon / th'unguarded Duncan?" LADY MACBETH
        • mocking and belittling him
          • Macbeth is full of traditional ideas about masculinity and power
            • feels need to prove he isn't a coward
              • "I dare do all that may become a man." MACBETH
                • defensive
        • emotional blackmail
        • challenging his decisions
          • questions
          • giving him orders


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