Power and Conflict Quotes

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  • Power and Conflict Quotes
    • Ozymandias
      • "The lone and level sands stretch far away"
      • "...and sneer of cold command"
    • London
      • "The mind forged manacles I hear"
      • "Runs in blood down palace walls"
    • Prelude
      • "She was an elfin pinnace; lustilyI dipped my oars into the silent lake"
      • "And measure motion like a living thing,/Strode after me"
    • My Last Duchess
      • 'Too easily impressed; she liked whatever she looked on, and her looks went everywhere"
    • Charge of the Light Brigade
      • "Cannon to the right of them, Cannon to the left of them"
      • "Theirs not to reason why..."
      • "Reel'd from the sabre-stroke
    • Exposure
      • "All their eyes are ice, But nothing happens"
      • "Pale flakes with ********* stealth come feeling for our faces..."
      • "Wearied we keep awake because the night is silent..."
    • Storm on the Island
      • "Strange, it is a huge nothing that we fear"
      • "Like a tame cat/ Turned savage..."
    • Bayonet Charge
      • "Suddenly he awoke and was running"
      • "There up a yellow hare that rolled like a flame..."
    • Remains
      • "End of story, except not really"
      • "I see every round as it rips through his life..."
    • Poppies
      • "A split second ad you were away, intoxicated"
      • "I pinned one onto your lapel, crimped petals"
      • "I listened, hoping to hear/ your playground voice catching on the wind"
    • War Photographer
      • "A hundred agonies in black and white"
      • "A strangers features/ faintly start to twist before his eyes..."
    • Tissue
      • "Fine slips from grocery shops that say how much was sold"
    • The Emigree
      • "I never saw it in that November which, I am told, comes to the mildest city"
      • "That child's vocabulary I carried here/ like a hollow doll..."
      • "But I am branded by an impression of sunlight"
    • Checkin out me History
      • "Wha dem want to tell me"
      • "Blind me to my own identity"
    • Kamikaze
      • "And sometimes, she said, he must have wondered which had been a better way to die"
      • "...and enough fuel for a one way/ journey into history..."


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