SY3: Power

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  • Power
    • Defining power
      • Getting one's own way in society
      • Power exists when A gets B to do something that B would not otherwise have done (Stephen Lukes)
      • Power is the probability of persons or groups carrying out their own will, even when opposed by others. (Max Weber)
    • How people obtain power
      • Coercion: Power arising from manipulation, force or threat of force.
      • Authority: Voluntary submitting to the will of others, giving them consensual power.
        • Charismatic: Derived from personality and persuasion (Ghandi, MLK)
        • Traditional: Ascribed power associated with traditional norms and customs (The Queen)
          • A republican is someone who wants to abolish the monarchy
        • Legal-rational: Achieved legitimate power associated with 'holding office' and expertees (Prime Minister, Doctors)
    • How people use power (Stephen Lukes)
      • Decision making: The power to make and implement decisions that affect other people
      • Agenda management: The power to set agendas and topics for discussion
      • Manipulation of wishes (aka ideological power): The power to manipulate what people think they want. Associated with marxism, hegemony and false consciousness
    • Manuel Castells: Power relationships are the foundations of society. Those in power create institutions and shape norms and values to their own interests. Wherever there is power, there is also counter-power


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