Poverty & Wealth

From previous studies, just a mindmap detailing the topics of poverty and wealth.

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  • Poverty & Wealth
    • Teachings
      • Why Christian's should care for the poor, needy, vulnerable, less fortunate:
        • Agape: show their love for God by  being loving towards everyone (their neighbours)
        • The Golden Rule
        • Unconditional Love
        • Untitled
    • Philanthropist
      • Someone who donates money, goods, services or time to help a case that benefits society. Examples: Thomas Barnado, Lord Shaftsbury
    • Moral & Immoral Occupations
      • Moral Occupations: helps others
      • Immoral Occupations: exploiting and harming others e.g. working at The Sun
    • Teachings into Action
      • Tithe: give money to the poor
      • Donate time, volunteer
      • Work for a charity
      • Dedicate whole life to help the poor e.g. Mother Theresa
      • Campaign against social injustice
    • Charities
      • Charities try to put their beliefs into action:
        • Christian Aid: overseas agency, long term help & emergencies
        • Tearfund: relief and emergency charity, with long term development. Volunteering at refugee camps. and teaches skills to become independent.
        • CAFOD: overseas development & relief agency. Tackles poverty and promotes justice. Also challenges government policies.
    • Absolute Poverty: have nothing, no basics. Less than $1 a day.
      • Relative Poverty: don't have what others have, but not completely starving.
    • Richman & Lazarus
      • Richman lived in luxury, Lazarus in poverty. Both died, with Lazarus going to heaven and richman to hell. Meaning: do not ignore the needs of poverty.


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