4D global politics quotes (poverty)

Mindmap of quotes for 4D politics A2 paper :)

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    • North/south divide - brandt reports
    • Core and periphery model - wallerstein
      • Piana - 'core states are free states'
    • Poverty is the worst form of violance - Ghandi
    • Globalisation has taught the pooer to create wealth and reccive leftovers - Chevez
    • Forign aid
      • forign aid is neither a failure nor a sucsess it is an important tool of american poicy to serve the intrest of the united states - Hamilton
      • you cant get rid of poverty by giving people money - PJ o'Rouke
      • pouring money and goods into devistated regions, forign aid workers can compound distruction and abuse survivors - Buchan
    • the rich get richer and the poor remain poor - Marx
    • Global poverty is a powder keg which can be ignited by our indifference - Clinton
    • Where poverty exists there is no real freedom - Mandela


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