Poverty and Wealth

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  • Poverty & Wealth
    • What does the Bible teach about having money?
      • working hard = good
      • Parable of the Rich Fool
        • 1. A man who grew crops on some land he owned.
          • 2. One year he decided to build himself a bigger storage barn for his crops because there was no room on his land.
            • 3. He planned to sit around all day eating and drinking and having fun.
              • 4. As soon as he made that decision he died that night.
        • The message = the man made a foolish decision.
      • Mother Teresa
        • Riches can choke you if you do not use them fairly. Let us remain as empty as possible so that God can fill us up. For even God cannot put anything in a heart that is already full."
    • The causes of hunger, poverty and disease.
      • Many people live in poverty.
      • Food, fuel, medicines and skills are not shared out fairly.
      • Most people think poverty = lack of basic essentials ex. clean water, healthy food + medicines
      • Poverty has many causes.
        • War and Conflict
          • resources are spent on fighting
          • roads, buildings + energy supplies are destroyed
          • people might have to live as refugees
        • Bad Government
          • hard for people to get an education and health care
          • people = not worth trying to make impovements
        • Overpopulation
          • people need to have a lot of children for the future because most of them wont live till adulthood
          • no access to contraception
        • Environmental Factors
          • climate change
          • droughts, floods, intensive farming + poor harvests
        • Disease
          • lack resources
          • malaria, HIV + AIDS = affect large proportion of the environment
        • Trade Laws
          • international banking laws = disadvantage to poor
          • debt = quickly grow


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