Potsdam Conference

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  • Potsdam Conference, July-August 1945
    • Soviet troops liberate countries in Eastern Europe. However, the military remains in these countries.
      • Upsets Britain and USA because they become paranoid because Stalin is taking over more land and spreading communism.
    • Stalin sets up a communist government in Poland. He ignores the wishes of the Polish people, Britain and USA.
      • Upsets Britain and USA because Stalin was ignoring their wishes and spreading communism.
    • Stalin's Red Army is the biggest in the world. He refuses to cut the numbers after the war. However, the West had demilitarised.
      • Worries and upsets USA and Britain because Stalin has a big army and hey have demilitarised so will be paranoid.
    • April 1945, Roosevelt dies and is replaced by Harry Truman. Truman distrusts Stalin and believes that the Soviet Union intends to take over the whole of Europe. He wants to stand up to Stalin.
      • Upsets Stalin and pleases Britain because Churchill will be pleased America no longer trust Stalin and Stalin will be upset that America are against him.
    • 16 July 1945, the Americans successfully test and atomic bomb. Truman tells Stalin this at conference.
      • Stalin furious because he was not consulted about the bomb beforehand.
    • Churchill loses the British general election halfway through the conference and is replaced by Clement Attlee.
      • Pleases Stalin and upsets USA because Attlee has more in common with Stalin.
    • Disagreement
      • They disagreed over what to do about Germany - Stalin wanted to cripple Germany but Truman did not want to repeat the mistake of the Treaty of Versailles.
      • They disagreed over reparations - the Soviet Union had been devastated and Stalin wanted compensation from Germany, but Truman did not want to repeat the mistakes at the end of WW1.
      • They disagreed over Soviet policy in Eastern Europe - Stalin won the agreement at Yalta that he could set up pro-soviet governments in Eastern Europe. Truman refused to let him.


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