Potential Sources of Friction in Britain in 1603

Key sources of friction in Britain 1603

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  • Potential Sources of Friction in Britain in 1603
    • Common law
      • Is the king ABOVE the law or subject to it?
      • King could try to over-ride it or ignore it
    • Prerogative Courts
      • e.g. Star Chamber
      • King's courts
        • Can he use it to abuse his power e.g. lock up people who he doesn't like?
      • Rights of Parliament
        • e.g. free speech, freedom from arrest
    • The Church
      • Controlled by the King
      • Influence of King in ceremonies etc.
      • Conflict with Puritans and Presbyterians (don't want bishops)
    • Local Issues
      • No civil service
      • How effective are they?
        • Are the instructions being carried out?
      • Corruption
    • Advisors
      • Parliament?
      • Court?
    • Finance
      • Taxes
        • Can be granted by Parliament
        • King's other sources of income
          • e.g. monopolies, wardships, impositions
      • Patronage?
        • Expensive
        • How fair?
        • EXPECTATIONS (high)


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