Posture Problems - Good and Bad

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  • Posture
    • Good Posture
      • Weight evenly balanced between both legs.
      • Large gap between head and shoulders
      • Feeling of lengths in the legs and buttocks
      • Feeling of the transverses muscle being pushed back towards the spine
      • Easing the shoulder blades down the spine, and outwards away from the spine
      • Relaxing the shoulders
      • Eye line and focus
      • Feeling length and equality in muscles both front and back of the waist to neck
    • Bad Posture
      • imbalance of posture may go unnoticed
        • Comes a time when this starts to manifest itself in basic movements
      • Often brought about by delevlooping a visual image of how a step or line should look,but not using correct technique to achieve it
        • Can result in a fault muscle pattern, which can result in a strain, or distortion of muscles.


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