postmodernist theories of crime 

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  • postmodernist theories of crime
    • the nature of crime
      • see it as a social construction based on narrow legal definition.
      • in postmodern society people are increasingly freed from the contrainsts arising from social norms and social bonds
      • crime  simply an expression of a particular view of those with power of how people should conduct themselves and denies peoples freedom.
        • its necessary to develop a wider conception of crime based on justice and respect for people identitites.
      • henry and milovanovic (1996) sugges tthat crime should be taken behond the narrow legal definitions to a wider conception of social harm, embracing all threats and risks to people persuing diverse lifestyles
    • crime as social harm
      • Henry and M suggest crime should be reconceptualzed not simply by breaking laws byt people using power to disrespect for others causing them harm. two forms of harm:
        • harms of reduction: power is used to cause a victim to experience some immediate loss or injury
        • harms of repression: power is used to restrict future human development. e.g sexual harassment
    • the causes of crime
      • choice of identity and uncertainty.
      • individuals increasingly focusing on themselves, little regard and respect for others.
      • social causes of crimes undiscoverable
      • each crime a  one off event expressing whatever identity an individual chooses
    • the control of crime
      • Foucault- surveillance is penetrating more and more into private aspects of our lives.
      • people regarded less as citizens with rights more consumers and customers.
      • draw attention to the growing detatchment of the criminal justice system from centralized control to more informal localized arrangements.
    • evaluation
      • can explain contemporary developments like using cctv and consumer tracking
      • recognizes that there are other dimenstions to causes of crime
      • dosent explain why most people dont use their power to harm others
      • ignores the issues of justice rights for all


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