Postmodernism Theory & Methods

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  • Postmodernism
    • Giddens
      • dis-embedding
        • people's lives influenced by the global framework unlimited by time and place
          • displacing national identities
      • late modernity reflexivity
        • risk society changes are continuation of modern society in an intensified form
          • requires us to adapt not abandon
      • effect of media much of our world is make believe response to media images rather than real events
    • Bauman
      • 'liquid modernity'
        • nonsense to talk of family as an institution, ever changing absurd notion
        • social structures are breaking down, chaos and uncertainity
      • shopping mall analogy
        • walk around consuming what you want try out/ change identity
        • goods bought as symbol of identity for image to portray to others
    • Lyotard
      • post-modernism as an incredulity toward metanarrative
        • people no longer believe in myth of truth
      • society fragmented into lifestyles constantly changing
        • no longer understood by general theories
    • Baudrillard
      • pick n mix identities
        • media created desires/ pressures to consume
          • identity no longer formed by predominant traditional factors
        • Bradley
          • new identities created through globalisation bring different cultures into contact
            • identities adopted to meet consumer lifestyles and diversity
      • media saturated society
        • life in a postmodern era is so dominated by media imagery
        • simulacra
          • images which appear to reflect real world things but has no basis in reality
        • hyperreality
          • distorted view of world event in media more real than reality


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