Postmodernism is an affirmation of religion

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  • Postmodernism as an affirmation of religion
    • Easy to take aspects of post modernism which are compatible with religious belief.
    • Most religions would argue it is important to live your life through your religion, so you can one day attain that religious foundation
      • Key religious teachings, such as Jesus' command to 'love thy neighbour' demonstrate the importance of practical actions
      • Rejection of intellectual knowledge of God can be in line with the Quakers
        • Although they frequently refer to 'the light of God', they have no creed of specific religious belief and some Quakers do not conceive of God as a personal being.
      • Some would argue that an 'omnipotent and omniscient God' would not be able to to understand by human knowledge.Therefore this fits in with the post modernist view because there are no abslute truths and an element of mystery surrounds it.
    • Some religious traditions and practices are particularly well suited to those postmodernist ideas.
      • Christian mysticism, for example, focuses on the encounter with the divine mystery. Could be in line with Lyotards mini-narratives
    • Another way in which religion can affirm religious beliefs is the deconstruction of athiest as yet another 'meta narrative which could be deconstructed'


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