Post-modernism and the media

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  • Postmodernism and the media
    • Postmodern society: Technological revolution, white collar jobs, decline in meta narratives. (Lyotard) can't rely on meta narratives because there is no single truth
    • BAUDRILLARD: Hyper reality
    • Globalisation = global village
    • Mcdonaldisation: quick and cheap. quantity over quality
    • Mass media doesn't reflect society but creates culture and society
    • CONSUMER PATTERNS: The media shapes what we buy as we are influenced by the media
      • IMAGE & STYLE: Style over substance (Mcdonaldisation
        • CULTURAL HIERARCHY: less divisions between the MC + WC due to media e.g classical music has now become mainstream as it is mixed with pop
  • Criticisms: Over exaggerated (do we really live in a virtual world?) digital divide = not everyone has access to media so in some places media doesn't create culture


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