Postmodernism (The Help/ Feminine Gospels/ COAHTR)

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  • postmodernist literature
      • Post WW2 so 1940/50s to present time.
        • Arose in a time of consumerism/ changing attitudes towards women and society.
        • Backdrop of Cold War, including the Berlin Wall
    • THEMES
      • Intertextuality
        • Pastiche
        • Parody
      • Metafiction
      • Maximalism
      • Paranoia
        • Fragmentation
        • Temporal distortion
      • Hyperreaity
    • Feminine Gospels
      • Comments on consumerism represent ideas of paranoia which is typical
      • Fragmentation used to reflect female alienation
      • Temporal Distortion in Map Woman
    • The Help
      • Unreliable narrator? perhaps reflective of post-modernist narratives
        • temporal distortion as a product?
    • COAHTR
      • Sub Plots encompass ideas of maximalism because it doesn't stick to a particular structure.
        • Idea of mendacity and impossibility of truth


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