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  • Postmodernism
    • Summary
      • Religion reflects postmodernist world
      • Pick and mix religious beliefs (Bunting refers to it as a DIY Cocktail)
      • Rise of NAM + NRM's no longer single claims on The Truth- reject Meta narratives
    • Lyotard
      • Loss of confidence in meta-narratives such as science due to our society being dynamic + fluid
    • Lyon
      • Spiritual shoppers- religion is the idea of consumption, pop culture + religion coincide
    • New religions
      • Are different to traditional ones so they restore meaning as they are tailored to individuals
    • Religious Pluralism
      • Undermines trad. religions
      • the rejection of rules + metanarratives compete against one another
      • secularisation makes people feel uneasy leading to fundamentalism seen in Iran 1970's + conflict in religion


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