Postal Questionnaires

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  • Postal Questionnaires
      • Cheap, quick and efficient; collect a large number of data from a large number of people.
      • Since the researcher is not present; people are more likely to answer more embarrassing questions, or sensitive/personal.
      • Closed questions provide statistics that are easier to compare.
      • As the set of questions are identical, it means it can clearly show difference of opinions between respondents.
      • Can be easily repeated by other sociologists to see if the results are reliable.
      • As the researcher is not present, the questions may be misunderstood by the respondent.
      • The respondent may not fully complete the questionnaire.
      • You can never be sure that the questionnaire was completed by the correct person.
      • Postal questionnaires are unsuitable for some populations, e.g homeless people.
      • Do not allow respondent to explain their answers.
      • The response rate is usually very low.


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