Post WWI treaties

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  • Post WWI treaties
    • Austria: Treaty of St. Germain 1919:
      • Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia were set up out of Austria-Hungary
      • Austria had to give some land to Italy
      • Austria had to reduce its army and was forbidden to ally with Germany
    • Hungary: Treaty of Trianon 1920
      • Hungary also lost territory to newly made Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia
      • Hungary lost territory to Romania
      • Hungary had to disarm
      • Hungary lost land, people and resources
    • Bulgaria: Treaty of Neuilly 1919
      • Bulgaria lost land to Greece, Romania and Yugoslavia
      • Bulgaria had to disarm
      • It lost access to the Mediterranean Sea
        • Bulgaria lost land to Greece, Romania and Yugoslavia
    • Turkey: Treaty of Sevres
      • Turkey  lost what was left of its empire
      • Britain took over Palestine, Iraq and Jordan as mandates
      • France took over Syria and Lebanon as mandates
      • Greece took Smyrna


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