Migration into Europe

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  • Migration
    • Economic Migrant- someone who moves for a better payed job
    • Voluntary Migrant - people who move because they want to
    • Asylum Seeker - people who move due to being at risk e.g war/persecution
      • apply for permission to live in a country
    • Illegal Immigrants- people who enter a country without permission
    • Post Colonial Migration
      • After WW2 empires broke up
        • caused flow of people into Europe
      • British Gov. invited former colonies due to shortage of labour + lots of work to rebuild damaged economy
      • 60,000  Indians in mid-50's
        • Shortage of UK trained doctors meant there were many Indian ones
        • currently more than 1mn who describe themselves as Indian
      • today there are 550,000 who define themselves as Caribbean
      • Immigrants from former french empire migrated to France in 1950=70's
        • 1mn people fled Algeria between 1962-64 after it became independent in 1962
    • Consequences
      • Demographic
        • Source Countries- reduced proportion of working + reproductive age
        • Host Nations increase of working + reproductive age
        • increased birthrates for host nations
          • "5% of children born in UK 2006 had one parent migrated from another country
      • Environmental
        • travel - causes more pollution - long distant places
          • increased GHGE causing global warming
      • Social
        • Illegal immigrants
          • legal access to health care, employment or benefits
          • risk of being deported
          • often carry out dangerous work for low pay
            • China 2004 -20 illegal immigrants drowned when picking cockles in morecambe Bay UK
      • Cultural
        • Racial tensions
          • 2011 -London Riots
        • mixing
          • Indian food become so popular new dishes have been created
      • Political
        • change in government policies
          • points system- migrants are allowed to stay if they have enough points
        • BNP has become more popular due tho their opinion on immigration
      • Economic
        • host countries loose out-migrants send money back home
          • $25bn sent back to Indian from other countries


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