Post Modernists

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    • BECK
      • we live in a 'risk society' where traditional values have less influence on the lives of individuals
      • Individuals are more dominant - making a choice calculates the risk & rewards of actions
    • believe there is a much wider range of living opportunities e.g. single parent, or lone person household
    • Individuals no longer constrained by social structures
    • Society become fragmented - mass of individuals making their own choices
      • Diversity - Stacey - no longer feel bound by traditional ideas & expectations
      • Consumer Choice - individuals pick & choose relationships that suit them & change these over time
      • no value judgements on what is the 'best' family type
      • over emphasis on the degree of choice in peoples lives (esp. women)
      • ignores that most family patterns remain fairly traditional
      • Beck - people live in a 'risk society' - have a lot of choices which leads to risk


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