Post Modernism & the media

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  • Post Modernism & the Media
    • Baudrillard
      • media-saturated society
      • hyperreality (distorting the way we perceive the world)
      • simulacra (artificial images or reproductions of real events which bear no relationship to real world)
      • suggested that we identify more with media images than with our own daily experiences
      • we increasingly lead virtual lives rather than real ones, may feel more connected to character in a soap than someone next door
    • Post Modernism
      • view media globalisation in ways that are similar to the pluralist view
      • they perceive the globalised media as offering the worlds population greater choice in terms of consumption patterns, lifestyles & culture
      • greater global awareness & access to a diversity of cultures increases opportunities for identity construction outside of local culture
      • media no longer reflects reality but actively creates it
    • Garrod
      • reality TV shows, along with social networking & video sharing sites are blurring the distinction between reality & 'hyper-reality'
      • Audiences unable to distinguish between what is real & what is media created
    • Strinati
      • Notes the importance of the mass media in shaping consumer choices
      • we're bombarded daily by popular cultures & media messages which form our sense of reality & plays a part in how we define ourselves
    • Ken Browne
      • media saturated society - mass media create a pressure to consume to the extent  many people define who they are in terms of media imagery
      • colour, form & media induced trends are become + important than the content/ usefulness of products
    • Criticisms
      • assume people approach media without previous experience
      • don't discuss/ interpret media messages
      • ignores structural factors & assumes everyone has access to different forms of media
      • marxists challenge the notion of choice
      • over emphasise role the media plays in shaping peoples lives


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