Post Modernism

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  • Post Modernism
    • Technology
      • Losing faith in the ability of science and technology to solve problems
      • Effects of pollution, global warming and nuclear power as a result of technology
      • Losing faith in politics - Is the NHS able to provide for everyone?
      • People have turned to spirituality and alternative medicines
    • Images and Values
      • Domination of technology, bringing the world into our homes
      • Diverse ideas and values that have little connection with our present and past lives
      • constantly changing values, trends and lifestyles which lead to unstable and fragmented culture
      • Economies based on consumption of services (employed in financial, retail and personal services)
      • Globalisation
        • most goods consumed are manufactured abroad
        • made the world a smaller place (goods, people, services and ideas cross borders and societies are interdependent
    • Identities
      • people construct their own identities rather than taking a role
      • people having a variety of choices means they can change their identities in different situations
        • causes instability and fragility
          • means it doesn't provide a firm foundation
    • Defintion
      • Era of modernity came to an end in the late 20th century, an we are now moving into a new kind of social world
      • Modernity was a result of the industrialisation and modern machine technology, but postmodernism is centred on computers and digital communications and mass media
      • Many post-modernists disagree within the theory
        • Jean-Francois Lyotard believed that we should abandon the idea of explanations involving "meta-narratives" or grand theories, such as Marxism or Functionalism
          • Question assumptions in Marxisms and functionalism as they assume roles, whereas society is now majoritively down to individual decisions
    • Evaluation
      • Take into consideration changes in current society
      • Focuses on personal identities and accepting that we cannot just be defined by a set of factors
      • Seems to undermine the view that through sociology and science we can understand the world more logically
      • Based on systematic research that shows an understanding, rather than a set of ideas base on opinions
      • Most sociologists do not agree that social structures no longer matter, as identities are not freely chosen


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