positives and negatives of the DTM

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  • positives and negatives of the DTM
    • positives
      • easy to understand
      • can be used to compare  countries
      • can be applied globally to al countries
      • provides a starter for all demographic countries
      • provides a useful generalisation of population change over time
      • can be used to predict the future
      • can be used to compare rates of growth between different countries at a given point in time
      • can be used to estimate population structure
    • negatives
      • model is Eurocentric, assumes all countries will pass through every stage, some LEDC's will skip stages
      • does not take migration into account as a factor of population growth and decline
      • model does not take into account natural disasters, wars etc
      • originally there was no fifth stage
      • does not take into account recent phenomena (eg: AIDS)
      • does not consider the positive and negative roles in which a government can play
      • does not consider the role of migration


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