Positive Impacts of the Media on Sport

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  • Positive Impacts of the Media on Sport
    • Advanced technology - slow motion replays, freeze frame, 'hawk-eye', split screens, multiple images, video umpires - increases interest and entertainment factors
    • Myths/stereotypes can be broken
    • Professional sporting career opportunities for a greater number of performers
    • Can lead to fame/wealth for some
    • Lifelong involvement in physical activity increased
    • Balanced, active, healthy lifestyles promoted
    • Sporting standards improved
    • Creates and displays positive role models
    • Players gain revenue, publicity and promotion
    • More money towards grass roots sports, facilities and equipment - encourages participation
    • Minority sports and groups can be promoted
    • Rules, timings, seasons, format and structure of sport can be changed in a positive way to speed up action and scoring


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