Positive effects of video games

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  • Positive effects of video games on behaviour
    • Multiplayer and social commitment
      • Games that involve others give the chance to explore problems and issues in society
      • Kahne et al (2008): Majority of those who listed The Sims as their favourite game said they learned about problems in society when playing games
      • Lenhart et al (2008): Large survey, found 64% multiplayers were committed to civic participation compared to  59% solo. 26% multiplayers tried to persuade others to vote in an election, compared to 19% solo players.
      • Doesn't take into account prior civic commitments. Also a lack of random exposure to civic gaming opportunities (people choose games rather than random allocation) limits claims about how games influence development of social responsibilities
    • Facebook
      • Gonzales & Hancock (2011): Facebook walls have a positive effect on self esteem because the feedback from others is  nearly always  positive
      • Gonzales & Hancock (2011): students given 3 minutes to either use their facebook page, look in a mirror or do nothing. Those who interacted with their facebook page gave more positive feedback about themselves
      • Walther (1996) Hyperpersonal model: Self selection of information we use to present ourselves has a positive influence on self esteem, and especially computer mediated communication leads to positive feedback on this info
    • Helping behaviour
      • Greitemeyer & Osswald (2010): P's played one of 3 games for 8 minutes. Lemmings (prosocial), Tetris (neutral) or Lamers (violent). Researchers then knocked a cup of pencils on the floor to record if P's helped
        • Results of people who helped per game: Lemmings 67%, Tetris 33%, Lamers 28%
        • 85% games involve violence, so although the content of prosocial games benefits altruism people are less likely to play them as they are made less by the industry because they are less attractive
    • Therapeutic applications :"virtual Iraq" game allows soldiers to relive and confront trauma in a low threat context, Tetris minimises tendency to flashback to traumatic memories


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