Positive and Negative symptoms

The positive and negative symptoms of sch. 

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  • Positive and Negative symptoms of Sch!
    • Positive symptoms
      • Paranoid delusion - individual believes something or someone is trying to manipulate, mislead or hurt them.
      • Hallucinations - hearing voices or seeing things that arent there.
      • Catatonic behaviour - forced grasp / waxy flexibility.
      • Disorganised speech - word salads. speaks in a way thats incomprehensible.
      • Delusions of grandeur - individual believes they have power or authoruty and that they are on a mission from god or secret agent etc.
    • Negative symptoms
      • Social withdrawal
      • Inability to enjoy things they used to enjoy
      • lack or flattening of emotion - constant black appearance.
      • Apathy, lack of motivation to follow through any plans.


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