Position of Children

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  • Position of Children
    • Greater control, oppression and dependency
    • Firestone "protection from paid work form of inequality
      • Powerless, dependent and under adult control
    • Adult control
      • physical neglect or physcial, sexual, emotional abuse
      • Daily routines, bodies
      • Children's spaces
      • Limited access to resources
    • Surveillance of children in public spaces
    • "age patriarchy"
    • Childhood disappearing
      • Only happens if separated from the adult world
      • Media brought adult world into childrens lives
      • Boundaries between worlds of children and adults breaking down
      • Postman (1983)
        • Without secrets there can be no such thing as a childhood
        • Childhood disappearing at a dazzling speed
    • Childhood ambiguous
      • Nick Lee (2001)
        • More complex and ambiguous
      • Dependent on parents but still independent
      • Make choices
    • Childhood "toxic"
      • Palmer (2006)
      • Rapid technology developments damaged children
      • Obesity, self-harm, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, teenage prgenancies, early sex
      • Sarah Womack (2007)
        • Clusters of young people who live desperate lives
    • Evaluation
      • Concepts changed throughout history
      • Conceptions vary but all share common ground
      • Children depend on adults
      • Western share similar view


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