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  • Population
    • Growth of World Popuation
      • Natural Increase= (BR-DR) /10
        • Causes: 1.baby boom 2.war 3.famine 4.diseade 5.natural disaster
      • world population growth= exponential
        • Problems: 1.lack of resources 2.lack of jobs 3.pressure on healthcare
    • Demographic Transition model
      • STAGE1- high fluctuating e.g. small tribes
      • STAGE 2- early expanding e.g. Kenya
      • STAGE 3- Late expanding e.g. Brazil
      • STAGE 4- Low fluctuating e.g. UK
      • STAGE 5- natural decrease e.g. Germany
    • Population growth
      • 2.Changes In Farming- modern equipment replaces child work force, less children needed, lowering BR
      • 1.Urbanisation- better access to healthcare, lower infant mortality rate, Higher BR
      • 3.Increasing women's education- females focus more on careers, have less children later on in life, lowering BR
    • Population pyramids and future population change
      • Narrow top= low life expectancy
        • bad healthcare services
      • Wide Base=High BR
        • lack of contraception, children workforce, High IMR
      • Wide top= high life expectancy
        • better medicines to prolong life
      • Narrow base=low BR
        • women focus more on careers
    • China's One Child Policy
      • reasons- overpopulation, lack of jobs, lack of housing & space
      • Severity- houses pulled down, frightens people
      • Changes- both only child parents, can have 2 children
    • Transmigration in Indonesa
      • population policy which aims to move people from densely populated areas to sparseley populated areas
        • SOCIAL- clashes between locals and migrants
        • ECONOMIC- relies on world bank
        • ENVIRON- rainforest been cleared to make room
        • POLITICAL- the costs for the government are too high
    • Ageing Population
      • an increasing proportion of people living to an old age
      • More people taking pensions $$
        • greater need for medical care
          • many unable to drive
      • greater need for medical care
        • many unable to drive
      • specialist housing needs
        • More people taking pensions $$
        • EFFECTS
      • Ageing in the EU
        • PROBLEMS- 1,more pensions 2.greater healthcare need 3.public transport
        • SOLUTIIONS- 1.sports facilities, health 2.stay in home, not hospital 3.specialist care homes
      • Migration
        • the movement of people from one place to aanother
        • PUSH- 1.housng shortage 2.natural disasters 3.high unemployment rate
        • PULL- 1.healthcare 2.more jobs 3.imprved housing
        • 1.Brain Drain 2.incrased pressure 3.ageing pop.
        • 1. less pressure on services 2.more jobs 3.fill low paid jobs
          • 1.Brain Drain 2.incrased pressure 3.ageing pop.
        • IRAQ--SWEEDEN war, help-$30,000 language!! lack of accomadation


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