Attitudes to Animals

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  • Attitudes to Animals
    • What Rights do animals have?
    • Uses of Animals
    • Quotes
    • Treatment of animals & diet
      • Treatment of Animals at home
        • People generally look after pets really well.
        • There are many laws to protect domesticated animals in the UK
      • Treatment of Animals in the Wild
        • We put out food for birds, hedgehogs, etc.
    • How are Animals different to Humans?
      • Human don't simply have animals instincts for survival, eating & reproducing
        • We are Caring, Creative and Communicative
      • All religions believe that humans are of greater importance and status than all other animals
        • Due to our intelligence and soul/spirit which gives us the ability to have a god consciousnesses therefore humans and animals are not equal.
      • Christians
        • 'Every moving thing that lives and moves about will  be food for you' - Genesis 9:3
    • Religious Beliefs & Attitudes to the Status and Care of Animals
      • Stewardship
        • Humans have been given the duty of stewardship.
          • Many Christians & Roman Catholics believe that in the afterlife, God will judge humans as to how well they have carried out this duty as trustees with his world
        • The responsibility to care for the natural world that God has created and his creatures.
      • Evidence to support the religious beliefs of the Care of Animals
        • 'God created the earth and everything in it'
          • Christians must worship & honor God by caring for his creation
        • 'Fill the earth and subdue it and have authority over every living thing'
          • Humans are given the role of being guardians of God's creation here God directly instructs humans to care for all living creatures within the world.


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