Population AS

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  • Population AS
    • Indicators
      • BR/DR (natural change)
      • Fertility rate
        • Dependent on mortality rates, religion, economic, political
          • Replacement rate: 2.12
      • Infant mortality
      • Life expectancy
        • Dependent on access to health care e.g. 58% of world have access to sanitation
          • Infant mortality
      • Net migration
        • Economic, refugees and asylum seekers
          • LEDC to MEDC (voluntary) e.g. Mexicans to US
          • LEDC to MEDC (forced) e.g. Syrians to Germany
      • Pop. density
    • DTM
      • Stage 1- High BR/ High DR (Tribal)
      • Strengths- works for industrialised Western countries, simple and dynamic
      • Weaknesses- Eurocentric, many don't move out of Stage 1 and some go back! doesn't account for govt action, NICs now move quicker
    • Structure
      • Dependency ratio (0-14 and 65+:working)
      • Support ratio (working:65+)
        • Demographic ageing in the developed world e.g. UK and Japan due to declining fertility and increasing life expectancy
          • Decreased tax revenue, more pressure on state pensions and healthcare
      • Juvenile index (0-14)
        • 42% of African population in 2000
          • Expected to fall by 18% in 50yrs
          • Population growth as the base reaches child bearing age, pressure on healthcare and services
      • Old age index (65+)
        • 20% of European population 2000
          • Expected to increase in by 15% in 50yrs
    • Migration
      • Economic
        • Source- loss of labour force/skills and FDI, BUT may send remittances and bring back skills
        • Host- pressure on resources e.g. health and education, over-dependence in some industries, BUT less desirable jobs on lower pay and improved skills gap
      • Social
        • Source- gender and age imbalance, BUT density reduced and returnees have new demands for social provision
        • Host- loss of cultural identity, potential segregation BUT cultural fusion
      • Political
        • Source- pro-natalism, immigration encouraged, international aid requests
        • Host- possibility for extremism and xenophobia, civil unrest, curbed immigration


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