Population and the Environment definitions mind map

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  • Population Definitions
    • Replacement Rate
      • The fertility rate at which there is no population change
    • Cataracts
      • Lens of the eye gradually becomes cloudy, causing blurred vision
    • Skin Cancer
      • UV rays case genetic mutations in skin that has been exposed to the sun
    • Ozone
      • Gas found in the upper atmosphere which forms a layer that absorbs harmful UV radiation from the sun
    • Simon's Theory
      • States that population increase is a positive for humanity as the world will produce enough intelligent people to solve problems that arise
    • Boserup's Theory
      • States that however big the world's population grew, people would always produce sufficient food to meet their needs
    • Neo-Malthusians
      • State that rapid population growth is an obstacle to development and should be slowed down
    • Malthus' Theory
      • States that populations can grow exponentially, whereas food supply can only increase arithmetically
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