Population and Settlement

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  • Population
    • Population change
      • Mainly due to differences between birth rate and death rate.
      • Key words: Exponential growth - a rate of increase which quickly doubles.
      • Reducing growth
        • wars/disease/ famine/natural disasters
        • MEDC have a small birth rate due to contraception. More jobs for women.
          • LEDC's have a high birth rate due to them being needed to supports their parents but also due to lack of contraception.
    • Patterns of people
      • Some densely packed places are where food can be grown e.g rivers/deltas.
      • Less densely packed places can be harder places for people to live in e.g cold environments/mountains/ desserts
      • Some places that are over populated for people to have a good standard of living
    • Coping with increasing population
      • Pressures on the land
        • Problems servicing healthcare, housing,land, etc.
          • Problems caused by government not being able to cater for the increase causing people to find their own solutions.
            • This includes people seeking dangerous places to live because they a=have few choice. Marginal sites.
      • Effects of over population
        • Demand for children's healthcare
        • Cheap labour due to high competition for limited jobs available.
          • People in richer countries benefit from this.
      • Benefits from growth
        • Opportunities for business to grow.
          • However this can widen the gap between rich and poor.
    • When growth stops.
      • When people start to live longer than there will be a higher dependency rate for tax payers to pay for.
      • It could lead to increasing job opportunities but also essential job that require skills may not be filled.
        • Encouraging migrants is a solution to this problem.
      • Usually in MEDC'S
      • A trend in the UK is counter urbanisation - when people move out of big cities and to the countryside.
        • This can have several effects.
          • Effect 1 - When retiring people move to places this results in a higher demand for health care.
          • Effect 2 - Planning in towns will have to cater for more people.
      • Another trend is retirement villages that are designed to cater for older people.
        • Advantages - create secure environments and support for older people.
        • Disadvantage - not everyone wants to be separated from their community.
        • Some older people move to another country.
          • Advantage - warmer weather, lower bills, new oppurtunities
          • Disadvantage - different language/ laws/ health care. Also separation from family.


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