population size and competition

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  • population and competition
    • population size
      • carrying capacity is the maxiumum population size that can be maintained over a period of time in a particular habitat
        • once the carry capacity has been exceeded there isnt enough resources to support individuals
      • a habitat cannot support a population past the carrying capacity as there are factors that limit growth
        • the carrying capacity is the upper limit that the factors place on the population size
      • where the rate of nautral process is affected by a number of factors, the lfactor that limits the processes / the one in the shortest supply
      • predation acts as a limiting factor on prey's population
    • competition
      • intraspecific is between individuals in one species
      • interspecific happenes between individuals of different species
      • gause
        • he investigated two species of paramecium
        • he concluded that the ovewr lap in their niches resulted in more intesne competition.
        • p.caudatum was out-competed by p.aurelia
          • this became known as the competitive exclusion principle


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